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Shoestring is a full-service commercial video production company based in New York City. We do it all: cinematic videography, professional audio, casting, scouting, bespoke editing, AND strategic marketing. Because the “man with the camera” and the “film it and forget it” approaches are so last-decade. In addition, we make the process transparent and easy, so you can do you and leave the details to us. If you’re looking for NYC commercial video production that get results, Shoestring is your source.

Shooting With Style We shoot with multiple Canon cinema cameras and lenses to provide a sharp, artistic look for all of our projects. Shooting Smoothly From high-end fluid-head tripods, to steadycams and sliders, and even vehicle rigs, we offer a range of mounts to capture the most engaging, dynamic shots.
We’ll help you immerse your audience in the clear, crisp sound from our full range of audio solutions including lavaliers, boom mics, spot mics, and professional PA connections.
We offer the right lights and lighting modifiers to ensure the perfect tone, color and exposure for every scene we shoot.

We harness the power of the Adobe Creative Cloud to give your final product everything it needs to really pop: from elegant, contemporary motion-graphic titles and lower thirds, to enhanced audio and even special effects.

Our formula for success

Image showing cinematic camera quality for video production services in NYC.

Cinematic Quality

We are sticklers for sharp style. We’ll make your video project stand out with a contemporary high-end aesthetic, at an affordable price.

Image showing storytelling for video production services in NYC.

Creative Storytelling

Even big budget productions can flop without a good script. We help you tell your brand story better with clever scripting, and inspired video editing.

Image showing digital marketing for video production services in NYC.

Digital Marketing

Good online video should provide better exposure for your brand. We integrate our videos with marketing campaigns to ensure they produce results.

Simple, but effective process

Free Consultation and Quote

The road to better video starts with a simple email. Just tell us a little about your vision and the budget you’re working with and we’ll follow up to arrange a free consultation.


The in-depth planning and prep stage. We’ll hone your vision to align with your objectives and determine a marketing and distribution strategy. We’ll also manage the scripting, talent casting, site scouting and other logistical details.


Lights, camera, action. We’ll handle the heavy lifting of managing and directing the video shoots; but we’ll also keep in close contact with your team to keep everything on pace and on budget.


To the editing stations! With shooting finished, we’ll trim into shape and polish the final video product to a glossy shine, with all the tricks of the trade. Editing occurs in multiple rounds to make sure we hit the mark.

Digital Marketing

Following the marketing strategy we’ve devised, we’ll optimize to make the search bots happy, and push it out through the right marketing channels to ensure maximum exposure.

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